Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whose Life is the Anyway (1981)

From NetFlix: "Sculptor Ken Harrison (Richard Dreyfuss) is paralyzed in a car accident and left unable to do anything but speak. Now, he just wants to die, but no one will allow it, including his doctor (Christine Lahti) and the hospital's chief of staff (John Cassavetes). Harrison's fight for the right to control his destiny takes him all the way to court. Bob Balaban and Kaki Hunter co-star in this moving adaptation of Brian Clark's play."  2008, 118 minutes

DJE:  This was recommended by Dr. Larry Zaroff.  It's a powerful and important film that discusses suicide, euthanasia, quality of life, patient-centered care, patients and physicians.  It was a bit before its time and I'd never heard about it.  Very un-Hollywood.  Richard Dreyfus was masterful.  This film takes the issues head on with little sentimentality and no pandering to the public.  Great for anyone in the "healing" professions.

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