Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shadowlands (1993)

NetFlix:  "Renowned children's author C.S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkins), a solemn, middle-aged university professor, becomes romantically entwined with a lively, divorced American poet (Debra Winger) 17 years his junior in this story about the couple's ill-fated love affair. The relationship begins as a platonic friendship, but Lewis realizes his love for the woman when tragedy strikes. Richard Attenborough directs this adaptation of William Nicholson's play."  1993

Here's a thoughtful review of the movie:  Shadowlands: A Review.

DJE:  This is a moving film.  While it may be factually inaccurate, it is still of value for its treatment of death and dying.  Shadowlands is a "must-see."


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Judith said...

We loved this movie.
Dr. Edwards' objections are factually true, but (I think) false to the spirit of the movie, which is not a documentary, but a love story, concentrated exclusively on the participants and their surprising relationship. As such, it rang true to me.
Christianity and faith may have had everything to do with it (and in a way that's true) but in terms of the focus of the movie, it also had nothing much to do with it.
Christianity brought them together in the beginning; Christianity sustained Lewis after Joy's death. As far as the heart of the matter-- as sentimental as it may sound in these post-modern skeptical times --- love is what carried them through, all the way into the long night.
(To "see" the movie which Dr. Edwards might have preferred, one has only to read Lewis's writings, or some of the excellent biographies about him.)
I THINK the reserved Mr. Lewis might even have liked the movie, and I can't say fairer than that!