Saturday, June 3, 2017


We saw UnRest at a local film festival yesterday.  It is the story of Jennifer Brea, an intelligent photogenic young woman with CFS/ME  (myalagic encephalomyelitis).  This is the quintessential disorder of "medically unexplained symptoms" (MUS).  It is a view of MUS  through the eyes, mind and lens of a sufferer.

Perhaps, a dangerous aspect of this disorder is the way this can spread via the internet.  Connectivity can be good -- it can also be problematic.  Is CFS/ME a disease, as those afflicted believe?  Is it an illness?  How can these people be helped?  Do they want help?

UnRest left me with many questions.  There is a disconnect between these patients and their physicians.  And a disconnect between the various specialists who are involved in their care.  Mix in cyberspace and the result is chaos.

GM Hopkins wrote: 
O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall
Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap
May who ne'er hung there.

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