Friday, October 23, 2015

Freeheld (2007 and 2015)

Gay Rights and Gay Marriage are the themes of both this documentary and feature film by the same name.

Documentary: A terminally ill New Jersey police officer struggles against city council's decision to deny the transfer of her pension to her domestic partner in documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade's earnest look at one woman's fight for equal rights in the land of the free. Veteran lieutenant Laurel Hester is a police officer who has dedicated 23 years of her life to serving the community. Upon learning that she has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Hester seeks to provide for longtime partner, Stacie Andree, by transferring her pension. A wrinkle arises in Hester's plan, however, when the elected officials of New Jersey county ("The Freeholders") deny Hester's humble request. Without transfer of the funds, Andree will lose the home that the couple has spent their lives building together. Now, as their friends and neighbors rally around in support of the couple, Hester is forced to spend her final days not simply enjoying the company of the one she holds dearest, but racing against the clock to ensure that the love of her life won't be destitute due to a broken and biased system. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi  2007.  36 minutes

The 2015 feature film starring Julianne Moore as Laurel and Ellen Page as Stacie did not get great reviews, but I saw it and found it moving and important.  It was well worth watching.

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