Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Die in Oregon (2011)

This is an amazing and important documentary.  The Death With Dignity movement has become politicized.  Politicians and the medical societies seem to want to dictate how the public should be treated. Here in Massachusetts, we have a ballot initiative and the Massachusetts Medical Association recently sent a letter to all doctors urging us to vote against any type of death with dignity program.  Actually initiatives such as the one in Oregon do not require the active participation of a physician -- just a physician's order for Seconal or a similar drug.

"How to Die in Oregon" follows some brave people in their quest for a timely death.  It shows both sides.  One patient found the idea offensive, and strangely his insurance carrier (in his case Medicaid) seemed to suggest that option and he felt it was to save money.

The Death with Dignity movement will gather supporters in many other states.  Washington has followed Oregon's lead, and hopefully the people of Massachusetts will not listen to organized medicine but will allow individual patients to make this decision.

Here is a thoughtful review from the web.  You can get the film at NetFlix  2011  107 minutes

Official Web Site where you can order a copy if you want one.

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