Friday, September 7, 2012

The Intouchables

“The Intouchables,” based on a true story, is about two men — one rich, uptight and white; the other poor, exuberant and black — who become best pals in spite of their differences. It deals with quadriplegia, race and recovery of spirit.

It joins "The Sea Inside,""Whose Life is this Anyway," and "Martha In Lattimore" in dealing with the topic of quadriplegia.

A.O. Scott writes in his NY Times review: "It is possible to summarize the experience of watching “The Intouchables” in nine words: You will laugh; you will cry; you will cringe. The caricatures are astonishingly brazen, as ancient comic archetypes — a pompous master and a clowning servant right out of Molière — are updated with vague social relevance, an overlay of Hollywood-style sentimentality and a conception of race that might kindly be called cartoonish." 

Somehow, it all works!  The Intouchables is memorable cinema.

The MovieSlut's review is succinct and accurate.

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