Monday, May 31, 2010

Someday Melissa (2010)

A Mother Grieves by Making a Film About Bulimia
NY Times Article.

Plot Summary from the Web: "Melissa Avrin lost her five year battle with bulimia on May 6, 2009. Her mother, Judy Avrin, has since become a crusader - her mission is to expose the incidence and insidiousness of Eating Disorders with the intent of preventing further suffering so that Melissa's death was not in vain. In Melissa's Journal there was one entry that stood out from the rest. 'Someday.... I'll eat breakfast I'll keep a job for more than 3 weeks I'll have a boyfriend for more than 10 days I'll love someone I'll travel wherever I want I'll make my family proud I'll make a movie that will change lives' And so Someday Melissa was born."

DJE: I have not seen this yet -- but once it's available I'll get a copy and add a sentence or two.

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