Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All About Steve (2009)

A Movie Slut Review

There’s something about Mary Magdalene Horowitz. Other than her name.
Is it Asperger’s syndrome? Or simply a severe case of uber-geekiness? Whatever.

In “All About Steve,” (2009 90 minutes) which stars Sandra Bullock, the Mary in question is a brainiac crossword creator, whose verbal IQ far outweighs her people skills. She doesn’t converse. She monologues. She’s a master of trivia but just doesn’t get human relationships.

Enter Steve (Bradley Cooper) and let the fun begin.

“All about Steve” is a celebration of eccentricity. It poses the question: Isn’t being “normal” grossly overrated?

Critics didn’t care for the flick. One called it “a grimly unfunny comedy.” But the Movie Slut wasn’t the only one laughing out loud at the multiplex. The movie isn’t pitch perfect but the off moments are few. And you’ve got to love the quirkiness of the crossword puzzle as metaphor for life.

Look for an excellent supporting performance by Thomas Haden Church and some unexpected cameos. No, the Movie Slut won’t give them away. Even she has her standards. And do perk up your ears for some hysterically funny musical moments. Trailer

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