Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boy Interrupted (2008)

Geoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Festival: Boy Interrupted is a film that raises questions. It asks how a young boy can end his life at the tender age of 15. It struggles to find answers about what kind of family he had and the life he led. By its very nature, it is a naked display of its filmmaker's personal life at its most revealing and perhaps disturbing. How can a mother, we may ask, make a film about the death of her son? What defines this film as a remarkably unique and truth-telling achievement is the way it explores how filmmaking can create closure for its creators as well as its audience.

12/7/13:  Finally got to see this documentary.  It was produced, filmed and directed by the parents of this 15 yo boy who committed suicide.  They are both filmmakers.  Their son purportedly had Bipolar Disease. His paternal uncle committed suicide at age 21. It's an ineffably depressing film, but worth viewing.  I think it's amazing that the parents of this boy felt strongly about making their story accessible. 

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