Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Doctor's Dilemma (1958)

by George Bernhard Shaw

NY Times Review by Bosley Crowther 1958
"As brilliant a battery of stage physicians as has probably ever been called on to apply their skills to George Bernard Shaw's "The Doctor's Dilemma" falls to with deftness and charm in the British-made film version of it, which opened yesterday at the Trans-Lux Fifty-second Street.

In this group of suave practitioners are Robert Morley, Felix Aylmer, Alastair Sim and John Robinson—all of them fellows who can play Mr. Shaw's expensive quacks with just the right shades and variations of pomposity and mockery." 1958, 99 minutes

I saw this a number of years ago and it was wonderful -- but now I can't find a copy at my local library system, on Netflix or Blockbuster. DJE

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