Sunday, January 11, 2009

Suddenly Last Summer (1959)

From Netflix: In Tennessee Williams's tale of sexual repression set in 1937 New Orleans, rich widow Mrs. Venable (Katharine Hepburn) is distraught over the death of her son Sebastian during his vacation to Europe, where the two had traveled together every summer. This time, Sebastian had taken his cousin Catherine (Elizabeth Taylor), who appears to go mad the day Sebastian dies. Dr. Cukrowicz (Montgomery Clift) is called in to assess her mental state. 1959, 113 minutes
1960 Academy Award®: Best Actress nominee: Katharine Hepburn
1960 Academy Award®: Best Actress nominee: Elizabeth Taylor
1960 Academy Award®: Best Art Direction Black and White nominee
1960 Golden Globe Awards: Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)
1960 Golden Globe Awards: Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)

Suggested by Charles Katz

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chazz said...

This was a great film.But name a Tennessee Williams lay that wasn't great or film that wasn't ("Street Car","Baby Doll" or in one of the most whacked out desperate role put onto film Richard Burton in "Night Of The Iguana" et. al).Taylor is great in this but Montgomery Cliff was I think better with her in their first big film "A Place In The Sun" (1951).Could two young people both look so good as in that movie?But to me this all Williams.For a more sober look at subject take this link the PBS American Experience about lobotomy about Dr.Walter Freeman.You can see it on line at PBS under "The Lobotomist".It also reminds me a great film about changing the mind with George Seagall called "The Terminal Man" from early 70's(very much like a "Clockwork Orange".I might try to post that one myself here at Medflix