Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Normal (2003)

From NetFlix: Roy (Tom Wilkinson), a small-town Illinois man, wildly declares after blacking out on his 25th wedding anniversary that he's convinced he's a woman trapped inside a man's body. It's up to Roy's shell-shocked wife, Irma (Jessica Lange), his kids and the entire community to come to terms with this stunning revelation. It won't be easy. Based on a hit play by Jane Anderson." 2003, 108 minutes

From GLAAD site: Superb performances by Jessica Lange and Tom Wilkinson highlight this film about a "normal" everyday faithfully married man in middle America who finally, after 25 years of marriage, tells the world he is a woman inside a man's body. The response of his wife is ideal, a role model for how love and commitment reigns above everything else.

Winner of several awards including the 2004 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Television Movie

Recomended by Lorraine Brill.

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