Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dying Wish (2008)

"Dying Wish is a documentary about Dr. Michael Miller, an eighty-year old, retired surgeon with end-stage pancreatic cancer who chose to stop eating and drinking in order not to prolong his dying process.

Michael’s “dying wish” was to show others that what is called “patient refusal of nutrition and
hydration” resulted in a gentle death. His own research showed relatively little information on
stopping drinking and eating at the end of a terminal illness. What little research he found
indicated a more humane end. Michael wanted to dispel common misconceptions that the dying person feels hunger and thirst once they choose this very natural route to an expected death. from Dying Wish Website.  29 minutes

I have been a physician for over three decades, yet only rarely have I been one of the care givers of a terminal patient. This short film is profoundly moving and I recommend it to all students, trainees, physicians and care givers.

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