Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gross Anatomy

This film did not get ther greatest reviews, but it has great moments and would be entertaining for most medical students. Worth watching.

"Gross Anatomy is to medical school what Paper Chase was to law school, with perhaps a little less sobriety. Mathew Modine plays a blue-collar kid attending a posh school of medicine, where everyone--teacher and student alike--seems to be well above Modine's social strata. Perhaps as a reaction to the snobbery all around him, Modine behaves as irreverently as possible. Neither teacher Christine Lahti nor lab partner Daphne Zuniga finds Modine's what-the-hell act appealing, but both are fully aware that he is a talented young man with a brilliant future. The climax of the film lays it on pretty thick in defining Modine as an all-around good fellow despite his cheekiness (he even delivers a baby just before taking his finals!), but Gross Anatomy strives successfully to be a 'feel good' movie--albeit brought ever so slightly down to earth by the death of one of the principal characters."~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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