Monday, June 2, 2008

The Doctor

From Wikipedia: "Dr. Jack MacKee (William Hurt) has it all: friends, success, money, and no worries - that is, until he is diagnosed with throat cancer.
He then experiences life as a patient, including the coldness and detachment of his former colleagues. He begins to empathize with the patient, which is a new experience for him.
Eventually, he returns to work, and begins immediately to drill into the new incoming interns (whom he has charge of) the perspective of the patient and the patient's experiences by making the new interns spend 72 hours as patients."

This is a fine movie for medical students, residents and physicians. It is based on a wonderful (short) iconic book, "The Doctor" by Portland, OR internist Edward Rosenbaum. "The Doctor" can be purchased for $1.00 plus shipping from ABE Books.

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